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Art is our passion. Artists are our inspiration. Sharing it with you is our mission!

We welcome you to experience Iniala5; a company formed between international brand Iniala and previously existent Marie Gallery5, with the aim to widen the opportunities for local and international artists in the contemporary art scene. Iniala5 has established four gallery spaces which host regular solo exhibitions and events. However Iniala5 is not just a gallery business it is far more then that. We aim to support the local art market to grow by creating new ways of collaborations, new projects and a base where artists can call their home. Our relationship with our artists is our priority together with our team we  constantly strive to give our artists support in their artistic career. Iniala5 has been recognised for its openings and events in which we create an emotional and joyful experience for the audience to appreciate and understand the art being showcased.Following the footsteps of our mother company Iniala,we believe in making the difference and therefore taking a philanthropic approach to the way we manage our projects. Therefore we make sure that a yearly percentage revenue from our projects goes to charitable foundation  who are fighting for a good cause. The Inspirasia foundation is our main charitable organisation and we look forward to create more relationships with other charitable organisations in the near future.

Get to know more about our journey by following our social media pages and sign up to our events through our website.

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