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The Inspirasia Foundation invests in and partners with small non profits that have strong leadership and a commitment to create a positive impact on those who are the most disadvantaged in society.

After the tragic death of Annika Linden in the terror bombing of the Sari nightclub in Kuta, Bali, in 2002, the Inspirasia Foundation was formed to create something positive out of this terrible tragedy. In the following years, the Foundation has funded a number of projects across Bali, Thailand, India and now Malta working alongside small non profits addressing issues affecting some of society’s most marginalised groups.

Today, it continues to support many of the same long term projects, and funding the construction and ground-up establishment of the Annika Linden Centre, Indonesia’s first ever centre of excellence for local non profit leaders working with that country’s most marginalised communities. The Annika Linden Centre opened in October 2012, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the tragic terror bombing in Kuta that killed 202 innocents and permanently injured many others. The Annika Linden Centre’s support for local leaders providing health and education services to the most disadvantaged communities in Bali will be a lasting memorial to Annika’s spirit – to the spirit of making light from the darkest moments – on the island of Bali.

Inspirasia Foundation stands for long term impact and delivering our grantees more than just money. It grants training, skills, and expertise packaged into every cash grant. Every grant given is designed to build a long term partnership that can last a decade or more. Its goal is to inspire Asia and the world – inspire business owners to build philanthropy into their businesses, and to inspire other philanthropists to invest in building skills and expertise among local leaders. It aims to inspire creating opportunity and positivity in some of the world’s most marginalised communities.

It has always been, and still is, a non-political, non-religious foundation.