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Welcome to Iniala5 Galleries.

Our Galleries where created to give chance to the local contemporary art scene in Malta to flourish and grow. Our Gallery in Thailand is part of our mother company Iniala which focuses on Art, Design and Innovation. Therefore together we aim to create an experience where all these qualities flourish.The Gallery spaces have been designed to give the artwork the importance it deserves. White walls, high ceilings and natural light are some of the best features our galleries have in common. The spaces are catered to be transformed and curated specifically for each exhibition. Our Galleries are meant to give the viewer an experience of discovery, through our curation process we like to play with light and display in a way that the collection is viewed as a process of discovery as to what the artist is conveying through his or her art. We invite you to experience our spaces each having all their unique touch and ambience.

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INIALA5 Mosta is a contemporary art space initially set up as MARIE Gallery5. The gallery was founded in 2015 by Maria Galea, with the intent of internationalising local artists and their work. MARIE Gallery5 now forms part of INIALA5 Galleries, a partnership which took place in 2017, between MARIE Gallery5 and INIALA. INIALA5 strives to showcase work by emerging and established Maltese artists with the aim of offering a reputable contemporary art space to the local community. The space caters for exhibitions, events as well as workshops which take place on a regular basis. Situated in the heart of Mosta Iniala5 Mosta is known for its exhibition opening, museum quality display and working towards one goal and one mission that of which supporting local artists to grow on every level.

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INIALA5 Valletta, initially founded as The POP-UP Gallery in 2017, is the brainchild of an artistic collaboration between Maria Galea and Mark Weingard, owners and founders of MARIE Gallery5 and INIALA respectively. This gallery is located in the heart of Malta’s capital, Valletta, targeting collaborations between local and international artists and creatives, as well as independently driven practices with the aim of promoting and developing the international and regional art community.The space is a work of art in its own, located in the very heart of Valletta under the historical arches next to the national library, the gallery forms part of a historical place. The space hosts one of a kind opening night receptions catering for up to 400 guests. The curator led space has a character of its own, raw uneven white high arched ceilings, in wall arches and lots of natural light. This gallery is a must visit place by all walking traffic and tourists visiting the island.

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INIALA5 Tigné is located on the ground floor of the newly developed office Centre at Tigné Point. The gallery space will be act as a platform for showcasing work from the finest local and international artists and creatives thus encouraging more creative opportunities and collaborations.  This has by far the most contemporary feel out of all our galleries, surrounded with glass and high ceilings this space can be transformed in no time with our free standing customisable stands and curatorial guidelines. This gallery showcases mostly our highly established local artists together with International artist collaborations. Located in the most prominent area of Sliema this space also caters perfectly for the right event.

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INIALA5 Thailand is located Thailand, situated on the beautiful golden sands of Natai beach. The gallery space will be act as a cultural platform which aims to collaborate with both international emerging and established artists. This Gallery space is also used as a place to relax and unwind featuring a limited edition snooker pool table covered in Swarovski crystals. The space is spacious and full of daylight perfect to display art collections and experience them in a pleasant environment.

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