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Art Consultations

INIALA5 provides art consultations for home interiors, office spaces, restaurants and hotels. With a vast directory of artists and a catalogue of artworks, Iniala5 would assist in finding the desired art pieces to both complement and stand out within the space.

Artist management

INIALA5 Galleries hold a close relationship to the represented artists, having both a solo show in one of the 4 galleries and be included in multiple group shows throughout the year. The represented artists would be promoted and marketed by the gallery to the public, making sure the artists' voice would be heard and known about on the social media platform. Thus, increasing the deserved attention to the artists' work and assist in increasing the demand for a strong repertoire of works.

Contemporary Art Valuations

Within such a versatile market and varied types of contemporary art, the INIALA5 team of professionals, are an expert team who can value artworks ranging from paintings, drawings, photography and sculpture, among others. The team is well informed on the contemporary art scene, being present in all major Maltese gallery shows, as well as, travelling abroad to foreign shows in New York, Miami, Paris, London, India and Hong Kong. Thus, being up-to-date to the current art scene and valuations.

Art Leasing / Staging

INIALA5 galleries offer the service of leasing art for property staging, to assist in preparing the desired property look for the sale. The INIALA5 team of professionals is experienced in interior design, and could assist within the whole process. Moreover, the team has experience in collaborating with interior designers to lease art to be part of their projects.

Investment Strategies

With the art market fluctuating according to the times, art investing can be tricky. However, with proper research and advise from the INIALA5 team of professionals, your art investments may prove to become proper assets in the future. The art investment strategies would include the projection from the current value of the artwork to its growth and future value, which then proves to generate a profit from the initial purchase price. The INIALA5 team of experts would assist in informing on the best art investment strategies, on which artists' future value equation is with a constant growth rate; thus, giving an analysis of the investment from the payment to the interest rates and eventual profit generation.

Space Rental

With four galleries situated in Mosta, Valletta, Tigné and Thailand, the spaces can be rented for both public and private functions. Events within these spaces can range from exhibitions, artist talks, event art shows, workshops, book launches, among others according to the project in hand. INIALA5 Galleries assist in the organisation of the events, and also offer marketing of public events. Booking of the space can be done by getting in touch with us within the contact section.


INIALA5 Galleries have a vast portfolio of exhibitions and we prides in curating exhibitions. The curation forms upon a close dialogue between the artists and the team, establishing the artists' aim meant to be portrayed within the artworks and how they are to be connected with the viewers. This dialogue is the basis of the INIALA5 curation, in which the curator assists in caring of the artworks and sharing their works in the best way possible to the audience.

Portfolio / Collection Management

INIALA5 Galleries offer also the curation of private collections, through the caring for of the private management of collections. This would entail the organisation of the artworks, the daily management of the works in terms of suggested temperature and lighting adjustments, insurance policies, and an updated periodical appraisal of the artworks' growth value.

Art Packing

The service of art packing is offered by INIALA5 Galleries. Packaging can be custom-made according to the desired prerequisites of the occasion.

Custom made commissions

INIALA5 Galleries custom made commissions can be made individually or in bulk. These could include unique INIALA5 greeting cards, to share your personal message in. All works are received with individual authenticity certificates. It is a general rule for commission orders to be given ample time for its due completion in the desired INIALA5 standard.

Corporate Gifts

INIALA5 Galleries make bringing Contemporary Art into the office and the board room easy and accessible. The gallery assists in big and small corporate gift bundles, offering a unique and artistic gift to both the aimed individual and group contribution in the office. Corporate gifts would range from photographic prints, art printed tote bags and cushions, among other gift items.  

Private workshops

  INIALA5 Galleries provide a space for private workshops which can range from corporate workshops to artist workshops. The curated spaces are designed to inspire and influence in the viewers a sense of curiosity. Thus, making the spaces ideal for workshops, as they invite and give room for learning, imagination and creativity. The galleries are spacious and can cater for diverse kinds of workshops, including meetings, book readings, art classes for adults, and art teaching to school children.

Fund application assistance for artists

Funding applications can be intensive and tedious to the creative artist, INIALA5 Galleries provide guidance to make the application process easier and manageable. This service provides a tutor-scheme in which the INIALA5 team expert would assist in guiding the artist through the research and writing process for the funding application. Thus, making sure all requisites are met outstandingly and within the due deadline. The INIALA5 tutor scheme aims in assisting the artist to enrich the artist CV both within the INIALA5 galleries and outside of it.

Delivery and Art Handling Services

The delivery and art handling services are available to all INIALA5 galleries' art buyers. Delivery and art handling services for shipping outside of Malta would depend accordingly, in terms of: size, fragility, shipping method, express delivery and destination.